Project Training

The basic reason of having students undergo this kind of training is for students to experience what a real software development environment should be.Project Training for students of BE, MCA, BSC, BCA.

If a project is done correctly a college student can get real experience of executing a project in the best software development companies of India. Colleges expect and require that projects should be undertaken under the expert guidance of experienced developers and project managers. A live project would enable the student to work on a project definition which has been received by a software development co. from a client outside of India.

We offer Project Training for students of BE, MCA, Btech, Bsc, Mscit in various technologies like Shopify, Magento, WordPress, PHP, SEO many more and Software Testing. Students undergoing this training will suffice the requirements of the colleges, but also learn how a project can be executed in a software development environment.

Our project trainings are executed using Agile Software Development lifecycle. Students are taught a project by writing the project scope, after that we teach a student how to create a flow chart and database design, upon successful completion of the database design we start the design and user interface and then simultaneous write the code. This enables students to show the project in a live environment to the college faculties and even when they go for interviews.

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