How to Set Up and Start an Online Store

Typically, consumers go to a physical store when they plan to buy a new electronics product so they can compare different models and test out different features. Now, with restrictions on social outings, such a well-researched shopping trip is out of the question for most consumers. If you run an electronics store, you would have surely seen the change too. 

To cater to this shift in the way consumers shop electronics, you need to adapt your strategy and take your electronics business online.

We’ve compiled this extensive guide so that you can cut short your research and focus on building your virtual presence and launch your electronics brand online.

Note: This guide is for businesses that are brand new to Shopify.   

How Can You Sell Electronics Online? 

It’s easy to sell your electronics online with a platform as easy as Shopify. Here’s how you can set up and start selling your products online:

  1. Customers would land on your electronics website and find the products they want to buy.
  2. Since electronics shopping requires heavy research, customers spend time reading reviews and understanding the technical details of the products. 
  3. Customers can choose their preferred payment option and even how they want to receive their order— via no-contact delivery or store pick-up.
  4. Once the order is placed, you can review details in the backend and begin preparing it safely according to the customer’s request.
  5. If the customer selected store pick-up, they will drive by your store and pick up the order on the date they chose for the store pick-up.
  6. If the customer has selected no-contact doorstep delivery, your delivery partner will pick up the order from your store and make the delivery.

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